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Do Mermaids Glow? A Case for Bioluminescence | Cryptid Lab

Cryptid Lab | Your Trustworthy Guide to Cryptozoology

‘I Was Gonna Be A Mashed Potato’: Florida Boy Recounts Garbage Truck Horror | HuffPost Australia Weird News (

Hidden 'madman' message on 'The Scream' traced back to Munch himself | Live Science

An 'absolute plague' of mice is ravaging eastern Australia | Live Science

Mysterious Boom Reported In Devon, Dorset And Somerset (

Grandma Terrified After Seeing ‘Demon’ Standing Over Grandkid's Bed (

Haunted Doll Causes ‘Nausea And Headaches' Just By Looking At It (

BOM warns more wild weather to come as tropical cloud band collides with east coast trough - ABC News

Russian daredevil bungee jumps with cord attached to buttock piercings  | Daily Mail Online

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